DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Would you believe that you can create a beautiful Christmas tree using a tomato cage?

Normally my tomato cages spend the winter behind the garden shed, but I started to think about how they have a Christmas tree shape when upside down.

So, I brought out some tomato cages, mini-white lights and a hair band…

The process was so simple.  I took the hair band and wrapped it around the top of the tomato cage.  Then all that was left to do was to wrap the lights around the cage.  I started from the bottom and went up.

It took me less then 10 minutes to do my first one and the others went just as quickly.

Although the outside of our house is decorated for Christmas, I decided that I wanted to decorate my vegetable gardens.

I placed two of my tomato cage Christmas trees in my side vegetable garden.  I could hardly wait for the sun to go down to see how they looked.

I must say, that I am thrilled with the results.  I can see my ‘festive’ vegetable garden from my kitchen window.

I liked it so much, that I did the same for my other vegetable garden.

The thing that I love most about this project (besides being pretty) is that I was able to use regular old tomato cages to make them.

**You could also put them up on your empty plant containers for a dramatic look.

So, do any of you feel inspired to drag out your tomato cages from winter storage?

  1. Vicki Wells says

    Very Nice. I have a tomatoe cage i did years ago that I use to display my Gone With the Wind ormanents inside. I wrapped all the wiring tightely with narrow green velvet ribbon hot gluing a little here and there as I went. Then adorned it here and there with minature pinecones and artificial berries. It sits on a small round covered table. I like the idea of adding lights. That would be a show stopper.

    • Noelle says

      Hello Vicki,

      I love your idea. I may have to try this next year so that I can bring my decorated tomato cage inside.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Dee says

    I also thought of this,much less expensive. My thought was to add garland to it so it would be pleasing to the eye in the day.

  3. Corinne Lawson says

    Sorry so over-long: I have a rather ugly 8 ft. lightpost out frnt w/a type 2 decling Clemmie w/more bottom Wilt the last 2 yrs. Also a declining L-shaped Ranch Fence closer to the patio/porch. All flower beds pretty cut-down/cleaned up/composted heavily w/chopped Maple leaves. But against our shake-shingled dark house hasn’t looked Christmasey for yrs. except wreath on the door. So, last yr. I, too, got to looking at what those wire plant cages could do if turned over. Also remem. huge/long fake-wired-garlands I got from the old W.T. Grants Store yrs. ago ~ looked really REAL back then for $3. for 10 ft. Did same as those above with shorter cages for 2 front patio barrel planters, wrapped w/”break-off” of what has been jammed in plastic bins of said garlands for yrs. w/white lights & a couple of red & silver ornaments. The light-post was next; 1st took out my 3 ft. wire fans (to push back fronts of bushy plants like Shastas & Yarrow, etc.) placed them 2 ft. out/tops leaning in, around my old light-post & blackened Clemmie. That was my huge SKIRT. I made a tiny hole in a very small round laundry basket ($ store) placed top of that mess clipped to thick Clemmie vines. Popped a battery run white-lit star in the hole & started wrapping the old garland tightlly over basket. Moving my 2-stepper in recent snow of mid Dec. a dozen scary times around top 2 ft. where I was finally ground level to reach the constant winding around the “tree” a bit more loosely/thickly & finally around the huge metal skirt. ) Waited another wk., much colder to put on the white lights, same round the tree dealie on 2-stepper & WALLA – so beautiful. It’s a long, hard process, but worth it if plans or even practice made early or HELP from family, etc. If all together by early Dec. nice surprise when the lights go on via garage outlet near Christmas. (Also wrappped sick ranch fence w/old garlands but never got the lights on them). Once had the nicest Christmas yard but not for yrs. We were once the youngest late 30′s coulple of lovely “ancients” now gardening in the hereafter ~ Guess who we are now? And at an age that we can’t (???) subscribe to all the HI-techi-stuff w/an old computer, no fancy cameras or phone cameras/I whatevers or whatever . . . so I can’t attach photo’s of my LAST attempt to bring Santa into our neighborhood. It’s very rewarding but start EARLY! And have HELP!

    E-mail me at (Montpelier, VT.)

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