DIY Mini Bud Vase Magnets

Turn small bottles into bud vase magnets for refrigerators or office filing cabinets.

Jill Staake

These tiny bud vase magnets are easy to make and very inexpensive too. Make a batch to hand out to co-workers (they’re perfect for sticking to filing cabinets) or to hang on your refrigerator. This is just a sampling of decoration ideas – use your own imagination to come up with others!

DIY Bud Vase Magnets

Jill Staake Turn tiny bottles into bud vase magnets decorated any way you like!

The Basic Supplies:

  • Miniature bottles – You can find these at local craft stores or from online vendors. Just make sure the ones you choose have a neck wide enough to hold a flower stem.
  • Very strong, small magnets – If you can’t find these at your local craft store, you can buy them online. I used these, available at Amazon. These are strong enough that you can glue just one to the back of each bottle.
  • Super glue – Don’t try plain old Elmer’s or even craft glue. These magnets are really strong, and if the glue you use isn’t strong enough, you’ll try to pull these off the fridge and the magnets will detach from the bottles. (Trust me – I learned from experience!)

Bud Vase Magnet Decoration Ideas:

One particularly easy decoration idea is stickers. The scrapbook section of your local craft stores will have endless options. Just be sure to clean the outside of the bottles thoroughly with rubbing alcohol first so the stickers will adhere.

Bud Vase Magnets Stickers

Another idea for decorating these magnetic bud vases is to add small metal shapes. I found these in the scrapbooking section of the craft store, but you can also check out the jewelry section. Be creative!

Bud Vase Magnets Butterflies

Speaking of the jewelry section, this is a great place to find small charms you can tie around the necks of the bottles using fishing line.

Bud Vase Magnets Charms

What other ideas do you have for decorating these mini bud vase magnets? Tell us in the comments below!

  1. Silvia c. Khan says

    Love these bottle a ideas! Easy ti make and lovely. Seen some from Pottery Barn magazine but so expensive. Will make some for myself and guft giving! Thanks.

  2. Marilee says

    Great project! As a UC California Master Gardener, what a great activity for children & parents to do together on one of our garden workshop days!!! Thank you for sharing

  3. Marcia Gribbin says

    I love these vase magnets- thought I would like to make some for the mothers at my church for Mother’s Day. But I can’t seem to find these vases anywhere, and haven’t been able to locate them online. Any ideas where I can get some?

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