DIY Garden Sign from Tile

Use vinyl stickers and a black ceramic tile to make an elegant DIY garden sign.

Jill Staake

I have to admit I really fell in love with those vinyl lace stickers I used to make my DIY rose jars a few weeks ago. I had originally found them at Michael’s craft store but they were a little pricey, so I was pretty thrilled to find similar stickers at my local dollar store last week! I picked up a whole bunch more, and am busy planning projects to use them up now. One simple idea had been floating around in my head for awhile, and I already had the supplies on hand, so I was able to whip up this simple DIY garden sign in no time at all!

DIY Garden Sign Tile

DIY Garden Sign Supplies

  • Black ceramic tile, 3″ x 6″ (found in the tile section of your home improvement store)
  • Vinyl lace stickers
  • Metal BBQ skewers (I found these at the dollar store too)
  • Gold fine-point paint marker
  • Superglue

DIY Garden Sign Tile

After applying the stickers in the design of my choice (I trimmed a few small butterfly pieces from some scraps I had from a previous project for the top corners), I chose a garden quote from Benjamin Disraeli that I’ve always loved: “How fair is a garden amid the passions and trials of existence!”  I used the paint marker to hand-write the quote in the middle of the tile and let it dry. Then I flipped the tile over and glued a BBQ skewer to the back, allowing that to dry as well. And that’s it!

I should note that the paint marker may not hold up to repeated exposure to heavy rains, so this garden sign is best used for potted plants or in a protected location. What garden quote will you use to make your own DIY garden sign from a ceramic tile?

  1. Hannah Begley says

    Great idea! I love beautiful things that you can make from ordinary stuff. What a unique piece to rule any garden!

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