DIY For Valentine’s Day: Wearable Vases

Jill Staake

Here’s an easy craft that’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day – wearable vase necklaces or brooches. Using small bottles, a few embellishments, and Water Gem water-absorbing vase fillers, you can create a unique piece of jewelry that the recipient can use to wear their favorite garden flowers every day! 

What You Need:

  • Small bottles – The size choice is up to you. You can get very small clear bottles in the jewelry or scrapbooking section of your local craft store or online. I ordered these small brown bottles, about an inch or so in height, from American Science & Surplus.
  • Embellishments – I used metal leaf embellishments from the bead section of my craft store. Choose whatever suits your style.
  • Medium Gauge Wire – I used gold wire, 24 gauge.
  • Jump rings (for necklaces) and/or Pin Backs and Superglue (for brooches)
  • Water Gems – These are vase fillers you can get in the floral department. They start out very small, but expand when water is added. You only need a small amount (about 15 – 20 beads) for each bottle, and you can choose clear or any color.
  • Wire cutters and Long-Nosed Jewelry Pliers
A NOTE ABOUT WATER GEMS: You can skip using these and just fill your vases with water, but it’s a lot more likely to spill during daily wear. The Water Gems keep flowers fresh without danger of spilling or harming clothing. They can be used again and again, and when they dry out will return to their original small shape.

What To Do:
  • Cut a length of wire – about 3 inches or so. String the chosen embellishments and a jump ring (necklace only) onto the wire.
  • Wrap the wire twice around the neck of the bottle, feeding the wire through the embellishments and jump ring too. Before tightening the wire, arrange the embellishments and jump ring (if using) so they are opposite each other.
  • Twist the wire tightly and trim any excess. Turn the raw ends of the wire in toward the bottle so they don’t poke against the wearer’s skin.
  • If creating a necklace, string a chain or ribbon through the jump ring. If creating a brooch, glue the pin back to the back of the bottle with superglue and allow to dry.
  • Add about 15 – 20 Water Gem beads to each bottle. Fill the bottle to about the neck with water, and allow to sit for 4 – 6 hours. The beads will absorb the water and swell to fill the bottle, as shown below.  Add flowers, and you’re ready to go!

There are so many different ways to personalize these vases, depending on the bottles and embellishments. You can add adhesive gems, or paint the bottles if you’re artistic. Look for bottles in different colors, or use colored Water Gems. And if you like the idea but don’t think you’d actually want to wear the vases, glue magnets or tacks to the back to create a vase you can display on your refrigerator or cubicle wall.  This a really versatile and easy craft for any skill level.


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