Do a DIY Backyard Project With Mom!

Spending time with your mom is the best way to celebrate Mother's Day. Try one of these backyard projects together!

Jill Staake

Mother’s Day is this weekend – are you ready? If not, don’t panic! The moms in your life would much rather spend time with you than get a gift anyway. Why not plan to spend a few hours with her this weekend, creating one of these backyard project ideas from Birds & Blooms? The projects shown here are easy to do with supplies from your local home improvement store, so take mom to pick up some supplies and then get to work!

Mother's Day Backyard Projects

Homemade PVC Pipe Feeder. This charming hummingbird project is featured in the current June/July issue of Birds & Blooms. Plain PVC pipe can be decorated to suit anyone’s style, and kids or grandkids will love helping.

Glass Garden Flowers. Pick up glass dishes at a thrift store or even the dollar store, then decorate and glue together for beautiful garden decor that will last for years.

Leaf-Patterned Painted Pillow. If your mom loves the outdoors, but doesn’t have a yard of her own, help her create these leaf-patterned pillows to bring nature inside every day.

One-Board DIY Birdhouse. This birdhouse is inexpensive and easy to build in an afternoon. Mom and kids can paint or decorate it together once it’s done!

Mosaic Bird Bath. This DIY bird bath looks expensive and difficult to make, but it’s really not. Pick up a bucket of pre-mixed grout to make the project even easier.

Find many more project ideas in the Backyard Projects section here on Birds & Blooms. And if you’re especially pleased with how your project turns out, be sure to visit our Community to participate in the Inspired by Birds & Blooms… Made by You! Spring 2014 Contest!

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