DIY Backyard: Gift Bags for Plant Cuttings

Do you have extra cuttings of your favorite plant(s)? Create homemade gift bags and give them as gifts to friends.


What do you do with the cuttings from your favorite plant after dividing it?  Do you replant some of the cuttings around your garden, or do you give some to friends and neighbors?

Last month, I was due to speak at a conference about gardening and wanted to have a giveaway contest at the end for the attendees.  I decided to give away cuttings of one of my favorite plants…


Artichoke Agave (Agave parryi ‘truncata’)

Whether your favorite plant are perennial flowers or a succulent – they can make great gifts.  In my case, I had a number of ‘pups’ growing from my prized artichoke agave.  So, I decided to create gift bags to put each ‘pup’ in.

Agave pups

Taking a ‘pup’ or ‘volunteer’ from an agave is very similar to how you take a cutting from a perennial flower.  All you need is a sharp shovel to cut away the smaller plant.

Agave volunteers

I had several small agave plants when I was finished.  Now for the gift bags – I asked my daughter (who is a better artist then I am) to draw pictures of what the agave would look like once it grew using regular, white lunch bags.

DIY Gift Bags for Plant Cuttings

I placed a small plant in each bag, created holes with a hole punch and tied each bag closed with twine.  For cuttings that need to stay moist, I would recommend placing them in a small plastic bag first.

I included a list of instructions such as recommended exposure along with how to care for the new plant.  *Be sure to let the recipient know how soon they will need to get their plant in the ground.

Giving a cutting of your favorite plant is a great way to share the beauty of your garden with others.  Going a step further by packaging it in a homemade gift bag, makes this a thoughtful and easy DIY backyard project.

You can learn how to divide plants in your garden by clicking here.  If you have are fortunate enough to have agave growing in the garden, click here to learn how to remove the small volunteers or pups.

  1. Karen Gallacher says

    Great Idea! I just started to gather succulents. My nephew and his new bride gave little pots of succulents as favors at their wedding in North Carolina. I was unable to attend, but my sister brought one home for me! It is so sweet and a treasure. I am really excited about starting a project around these little beauties! Thanks for sharing!

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