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Gardening in a small space? We asked other city gardeners how they deal with the challenge. Here are their best tips:

Play up your containers
Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Kick your containers up a notch by mixing your flowers with edibles. Chard makes a great ornamental—and it’s tasty, too! When planting in a small space, opt for dwarf varieties of veggies. You won’t lose out on taste, and you’ll have more space to work with.

Decorate with a trellis
Train vines such as peas and cucumbers to grow up a trellis, which will maximize space even more while adding an attractive accent to your yard. For vines with attractive blooms, try clematis and honeysuckle. (Just make sure the honeysuckle is not an invasive variety.)

Know your yard
If it’s mostly shade you’re working with, a flower garden is your best bet. Herbs, vegetables and fruits need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. When planting, pick a spot to build raised beds. That way your footsteps won’t compact your garden, and you can focus your watering, fertilizing and weeding on a smaller area.

What tips do you find helpful when gardening in small spaces?

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  1. Mandy says

    Enjoyed reading this article. I certainly have a small yard area and am always looking for tips to help my flowers grow. Love your idea of using a trellis. I found a few great trellises on Gempler’s website and will be purchasing.

    Here’s the site for anyone else looking for garden tools.

    Hope this helps!

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