Chickadees In The House!

For those of you who saw my earlier post on cleaning out the bird house , I want you to know my efforts paid off!  I am always a little insecure when nesting season comes and this year after watching a pair of Chickadees reject my birdhouse first time around I had to I reminded myself to be patient, there was still time.

An alert Chickadee up in the Rose that covers our pergola

The location of the little birdhouse is pretty nice for the birds and us, hung high up on our rose covered pergola, out of the way of human and animal traffic and conveniently located close to food and water.  I try hard to please.

A few days ago every time I stepped out our front door I heard the alarm call of a Black-Capped Chickadee up in the rose on our pergola near the bird house.  Hmmm…could it be?

So you're the one making all that noise!

Sure enough, there they were, a pair of Black-capped Chickadees were busily working to construct a nest.   The female could be heard scratching around in the box trying to get everything just so while the male stood as lookout above in the branches of our rose.

Trying to hang on to a beak full of fur for the nest.

About a week later I caught sight of the male up in the branches of the rose with in so much fur tucked in his beak he was having some difficulty managing it.  He looked so cute as he kept rearranging it in his beak several times and I wondered why he didn’t just deliver it to the nest box.  Was he waiting for his bird wife to make the decision on which side of the nest it would go on?

You can learn more about the  Black-capped Chickadee and other most wanted birds in our gardens on our website.

Oh and by the way…to all you mom’s out there…Happy Mother’s Day!


    • Patty says

      Thanks Jan. The feeling of excitement never seems to dissipate for all the years we’ve had birds come to nest there. I’m hoping to have updates in the next few days on peeps coming from the nest.

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