Celebrate Wildflowers and Wildlife

This week is National Wildflower week, a great time to learn more about the native wildflowers of your area.

And this month is National Garden for Wildlife Month, a wonderful time to create welcoming habitat for wildlife in your garden.

Wildflowers and Wildlife. This is a great combination! When we add more native plants to our gardens, we will attract more wildlife.

And gardening for wildlife is one of the few things we can do that offers immediate gratification. Plant a host plant for butterflies and possibly have caterpillars this week.

Here’s some easy tips to celebrate the wildflowers and wildlife of your area:

  • Make your garden a Certified Wildlife Habitat
  • Join your local native plant society
  • Learn about the birds of your area by joining your regional Audubon Society
  • Add host plants for Butterflies
  • Install a wildlife pond

What are you doing to celebrate Wildflowers and Wildlife in your garden?

  1. bernadette says

    Did just that actually-joined Mass Audubon Society and will be volunteering once a month for weeding the butterfly garden I am going to be fixing for them this week. Needs lots of TLC so rototiller to the rescue then they will re-plant the plants they have there. I can’t wait for it to look so pretty once again { they showed us a photo of when it was first planted} beautiful! It WILL be that way once again- PROMISE! just give me a few weeks. :)


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