Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar

Use number images from real butterfly wings to make a DIY perpetual calendar for your desk!

Jill Staake

As a professional “butterfly lady”, I receive a lot of butterfly-themed gifts for my home. My favorite ideas are the ones that come from nature itself, because I never tire of marveling at the wonders that already exist in our world. This butterfly-themed DIY perpetual calendar uses images from real butterfly wings, captured by photographer Kjell Sandved as part of his “Butterfly Aphabet” series.

Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar

Jill Staake Buy a pre-made wooden perpetual calendar and print out our images to make this project in no time!

You can find all the original images on the Kodak website, but to save you the time, I’ve already sized them and created a document you can just print out from the link below. (TIP: If you’re artistically talented, you can skip the second page and just paint your own month blocks.)

Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar Numbers

Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar Supplies:

Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar Supplies

What To Do:

  • Begin by painting your wood calendar pieces a solid base color. I chose a cream color to match my decorating style, but you can use any color(s) you like. Allow to dry.
  • Print out the butterfly number page (TIP: Use a color laser printer if available for better image quality) and cut out the numbers. You won’t need all the numbers on the page, but I included some extras of each just in case. (Note that the number 6 will also double as the number 9.)
    • Block 1:  You need the numbers 0-1-2-3-4-5
    • Block 2:  You need the numbers 0-1-2-6-7-8
  • Brush a light coat of Mod Podge on each side of the square wooden blocks and add the numbers as indicated. Allow to dry completely. Add a second smooth coat of Mod Podge over top to seal. Allow to dry.
  • For the smaller rectangular month blocks, you can either paint them yourself with your own design, or use the ones I provided. Cut out the months and repeat the same steps with Mod Podge to adhere them to the blocks. Allow to dry.
  • OPTIONAL: The large blank backside of your calendar may face the wall, in which case you can just leave it alone. If it will sit on a counter top or other area where both sides will be visible, you may want to decorate the back. You can use your own creative skills, or cut out and use Mod Podge to attach the image and quote from the document. Allow to dry.

Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar Finished

To assemble your calendar, stack the month blocks in first, with the current month facing out. Then arrange the number blocks to reflect the current date (use the zero to start the first nine days of each month). Update the calendar each day by rotating and switching the blocks around to find the correct arrangements. (This is a great fun challenge for small children.)

Butterfly DIY Perpetual Calendar

Jill Staake All the number images come from real butterflies!

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