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I know, I know. It seems too soon to be thinking about next year’s garden, but you must! The days are already getting shorter and soon fall will be upon us, so it’s time to think about planting those bulbs that will help you welcome spring next year.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read about people’s bulb planting blunders, whether it’s planting the wrong side up (pointy end up, by the way), too close to the surface or finding all the bulbs scattered over the lawn because an animal dug them up. To make sure something like that doesn’t happen to you, we put together this Q&A that outlines everything you need to know now about planting bulbs.

Now that you know how to plant them, you’ve got to figure out which ones to plant. I’m a huge sucker for tulips. They are by far my favorite spring flower. But I get that not everyone shares my love, so check out this list of our 10 favorite spring bulbs. There’s bound to be a few bulbs on the list that will tickle your fancy.


Tulip tips: Plant firm bulbs 5 to 6 inches deep with the pointed ends facing up. Place bulbs 6 inches apart, cover and water well. To create a bigger impact, cluster many bulbs of the same color. After the tulips bloom, do not remove the leaves until they turn yellow. This feeds the bulb, to fuel the next flowering season.

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