‘Botanical Garden’s’


This ‘Botanical Gardens’ is small in size but large in creativity. The lady who has created this, Pep Aragon, sells some organic herbs and vegetables from her gardens in Canon City, Colorado. The gardens are in her yard surrounding her small home located close to the river that runs through town so has a lot of trees and vegetation surrounding place.

This is a view of part of her backyard which is filled to the brim with plants and interesting yard ‘ornaments’. She has many trees, shrubs and vines in which vegetables and herbs are interspersed.BotanicGardens-a2-CC,CO

This elevated rock garden was converted from a metal bird bath by just adding rocks and plants that grow in this sparse environment.BotanicGardens-a4-CC,COShe mixes in arbors and a few chairs as well as decorative areas such as the one on the right–yes, in that mirror is my reflection as I photograph this interesting view.   Actually she has several mirrors around the gardens, as well as pots and vases in a truly eclectic fashion.  A great way to recycle old mirrors.


A couple of old wooden window frames, like the one above, are also found in these unique gardens. This is another neat way to recycle old, unusable items.

Wild grape vines like above that are laden with fruit are found interlined on fencing around the garden. These are providing a feast for birds like the American Robin that was gorging on the grapes while I was there. Quite a combination of a flower, herb, fruit and vegetable garden with interesting ideas for recycling items for your yard.

  1. elizabethsagarminaga says

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