Blue Flag Iris for Wet Flower Gardens

Flower gardens with wet soils are perfect for blue flag iris.

Jill Staake

Spring is definitely here in Central Florida, with wildflowers blooming everywhere! Roadsides are full of blue-eyed grass, fleabane, coreopsis, and toadflax, while wet areas are full of the gorgeous hues of blue flag iris (Iris virginica).

Blue Flag Iris Flower Gardens

Jill Staake Blue Flag Iris (Iris virginica)

Blue flag is native to the southeastern U.S., and is easy to grow in wet sunny areas. It has lovely green blade-like foliage most of the year, and for a few weeks in spring is covered in blue flowers with yellow centers. It grows to 2-3 feet, and needs wet soil to thrive. It can actually be planted right in water, so it’s perfect for the edges of ponds and lakes, where it will naturalize and spread to create shelter for wildlife like nesting ducks.

Flag Iris Flower Gardens

Iris virginica is grown in zones 5 – 9, but those who live further north can grow a similar (and arguably even prettier) flag iris, Iris versicolor, in their flower gardens. This iris also likes wet soil and sunny areas, but is hardy down to zone 3. Learn more here.

Blue Flag Iris is a perfect fit in a rain garden. Learn more about how rain gardens work and how to plant one by clicking here.

  1. says

    The Blue Flag Iris also is a lovely plant here in Tennessee. They are not yet bloomed here but there arrival should appear within the next few weeks. I love your pictures.

  2. Tlc4 says

    I need to dig and divide my patch of beautiful wild irises. If anyone wants some, let me know. Of course you’ll need to be in the Houston to Southern Brazoria County region to pick them up.

  3. Donna Gibson says

    Do you buy photos to be published in your magazine? Email me back. I am an amateur photographer, but take really good photos and am now unemployed as of last week. I can email JPEG photos on nature themes/ flowers/ vegetables/ birds, and more. Let me know the details via email. I use to work for a local newspaper as a part-time correspondent and photographer for over 18 years.

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