Bird Song Identification: Warblers

Think you know your bird song? Test your skills and play "Name That Bird" with our bird song identification quiz.

We’ve come up with a fun way to test your skills for identifying bird songs. Here’s how it works. First we’ll play the song. Next, we’ll show you clues about the bird song you are hearing. Finally, we’ll reveal the bird name and photo. Try your luck and see how you do!

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  1. Heather Campbell says

    This is very nice, although too long an introduction, and yes, the music is loud and annoying.

    The bird selections are good, with long songs and a variation played. that part is VERY good.

    If a CD were made for sale, I would buy it, so long as it had at least fifty to 100 common birds heard in the US, and was done in this exact format… but lose the cutesy music!

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