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We’re very excited to host a new contest in partnership with Wild Delight® and 3-D® Pet Products where you can win a trip for two to The Biggest Week in American Birding! (As part of the prize, you can also win an awesome bird-feeding package from Wild Delight® and 3-D® Pet Products.)

You can find the official rules and details about the contest on our website. But I wanted to offer you a few tips for putting together your video entry.

  • Our judging is based 50% on creativity! Try to think of something unique.
  • We think our biggest fan would share us with everyone they know! Show us how you share Birds & Blooms with your family, friends and complete strangers! The more public and widespread you can make your message, the better.
  • If possible, shoot the video outside or at least in your own backyard.
  • Tell us why you love the magazine.
  • Tell us why you want to go to The Biggest Week in American Birding and what you would do there. Also, tell us who you would bring with you and why.
  • Give us a reason to pick you over someone else.
  • Let us know how you would continue showing people you’re our biggest fan in the future as well.
  • Share your YouTube video with family and friends. Then get them to comment. We’d love to see videos will lots of views and comments because that means you’re sharing it with others!
  • Don’t forget to share your love of birds with us. We are bird-lovers ourselves, so this is important.
  • Finally, don’t overthink it! You don’t need a fancy camera or set-up (cell phone cameras can work just fine).
  1. says

    I had my fingers in my ears for the first part of your post . but we love lalcis too! My dh loves them so much he stops by them on his way to from the house to smell them! Usually he is the one to bring in a few for the house. Ours were really early this year, blooming by May 1 instead of the usual Mother’s Day. Now they are long gone here.

  2. says

    LOL! You’d have to know my son Kevin and his friends. I’m sure they ran into the bird by freak accniedt, and since I had just given him a birding field guide, he posed with it to send me this funny picture. He’s a riot!


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