Big Announcement from the Biggest Week in American Birding

It’s BIGGER and BETTER than EVER! I know this phrase gets thrown around a lot, but in this instance, it really is true. This will be my third year to attend Ohio’s birding festival, The Biggest Week in American Birding, and I absolutely love it. I tell everyone I know they should attend, so I’m telling you, too! Registration just opened, and you’ll want to sign up early if you want to attend the best field trips and events.

In honor of registration opening up, I thought I would highlight my 5 favorite things about Biggest Week in photos. I hope you’ll consider registering and joining us this year. The Birds & Blooms team will be there May 9-11, and we’d love to meet you!

#1: The Kaufmans! Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman make Biggest Week awesome. Plus, they’re contributing editors of our magazine!

#2: The warblers! The variety will awe you.

#3: The people! This is a bird walk from a couple of years ago. Every year we go to Biggest Week, we meet more great people.

#4: The experiences! From watching bird-banding demos to going on unique field trips, there’s always something to do. 

#5: The fun! Last year we made a video about Biggest Week (click on the photo to go to the link). This year, we’ll be hosting a karaoke night.


  1. Robby Osborne says

    I am hesitant about going to something like Biggest Week because I am such a beginner and I know barely enough to know the difference between a blue jay and a bluebird. I would be among folks who are experts in the birding world. Wouldn’t I be out-of-place?

    • Julie Heitz says

      Robbie! Dont’ let that stop you..I am new too. Last year was my first year and the birders are more than happy to help you. Infact when they spot something, they share it with everyone around them. Please go, you won’t be sorry!

  2. KirstenKirsten (Editors' Blog) says

    Robby, don’t worry about everyone being experts, that is actually not the case! There are tons of beginners and the better birders are more than willing to help locate and ID birds. If you have the chance to go, you should!

  3. Maureen Bailey says

    Robby, beginning birders are more than welcome at the Biggest Week!! We were all beginners at one time! You will be AMAZED at all of the birds you will see and birders are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you can meet. We are more than happy to help you. And by the way, we’re not all experts! There’s all different levels of experience on the boardwalk. And if you do happen to run into the Kaufman’s, they are super-friendly and always eager to help. Last year was my first time and I cannot wait to go this year!!!!!! Bring your binoculars, maybe a camera (a MUST for me!) and a simple bird guide and something to keep track of what you see (pencil and notepad or whatever) because you will lose track and forget because you’ll see so many birds. Might not even need a guide book…there’s so many people, you can just ask someone! Pack a lunch, snacks and water too! Go and you won’t regret it!

  4. Hemanta Dhakal says

    I wish i was there to see all those activities. Any way congratulation to all bird loving people for the good time there.

  5. Bob Saunders says

    We live in Minot, ND and we still have 25″ or more of snow in the yard this (spring). We have 5 feeders and 13 to 15 varieties of birds have enjoyed them all through the winter. They make us smile and keep a positive attitude. You do not need to know them to enjoy them. Once you get involved in bird watching you will be moved to learn about them, There are several apps that you can down load on your smart phone that can really help a first timer. Go for it.

  6. says

    My spark bird is the northern flicker that dug a cavity in a dead tree in my yard that I could see from my kitchen window. The hatched 4 babies,and I got to see them fly! My second spark is the American goldfinch! Beautiful!

  7. Nancy Breland says

    I wish that I could be there with you. I have a tremendous variety in my backyard. We left 1/2 acre for wildlife in the backyard.
    I have 3 bird feeders that I fill every other day. I am going to write down some of the species that I see. We have 2 bluebird
    houses and eggs in them. The birds nest in shrubs, trees and birdhouses or where ever they want to. I love you magazines. I read all of it each month.

  8. diane says

    I wIsh I could come to the big weekend. I have a small garden and I”m trying to plant more flowers and bushes to bring back the different birds that I have seen befor in my yard.

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