Berry-Eaters on Video


After writing all about birds and berries in our November issue, with our Top 10 featuring our favorite berry-producing trees and Ken Keffer’s birder’s guide to growing berries, we decided it was time for a break, and to watch our feathered, berry-eating friends in action. Here’s some clips we loved enough to share!

They’re graceful, they’re gorgeous, they’re cedar waxwings. This video is a bit long compared to others, but once I began watching, I never wanted it to stop.

Northern mockingbirds love pyracantha, as you’ll see in this video. Unlike the waxwings, this pair doesn’t always cooperate, but they’re always able to make me smile.

Starlings. As long as we’ve got ‘em, we might as well try to enjoy ‘em, and this clip reveals a beauty in these birds, as an enormous flock feeds on dried sumac berries.

  1. Judy Shugart says

    The videos are great!! It is very hard
    As amateur to get pictures without the
    Equipment. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. pam says

    They are so beautiful to watch. We feed the birds and the squirrels, they entertain me and also my house cats (who never go out) and they get so excited watching all of them. thanks for videos..

  3. Phil Yturbe says

    Since we can’t plant fruit trees where we live; the bears would help themselve before the birds would. I really enjoyed these videos, sights that I don’t have much of a chance to see in person. Thanks.

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