Behind the Scenes at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show

For any of you close enough to visit, the Philadelphia Flower Show is not to be missed!

The show opens on March 6th and runs through the 13th. The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest indoor flower show in the world, featuring displays by more than 60 professional landscapers, florists, and horticultural and educational organizations create full-scale gardens and floral displays that delight visitors to the Philadelphia International Flower Show.

All proceeds from the Philadelphia International Flower Show, including tickets and sponsorship contributions, support The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and its acclaimed urban greening program, Philadelphia Green.

Also featured will be entries from over 5,000 individuals and garden clubs from all over the world.

Schaffer Designs Philadelphia Flower Show

Bill Schaffer creates An American in Paris display for Philadelphia Flower Show

The theme this year is Springtime in Paris, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing what Bill Schaffer, AIFD has in store for us this year. His display will be based on the movie An American in Paris.

Last year Bill Schaffer’s Polar Fantasy exhibit won the PHS Award of Distinction, the Best Achievement Award, and the Emile H. Geschick Memorial Award. And I have to tell you that was the most beautiful flower exhibit I’ve ever seen!

Bill’s creativity and amazing design skills shine through every detail in all of his projects, but his dedication and passion for the Philadelphia Flower Show have excited crowds for many years now. He is a true inspiration.

He’s been working on this year’s design for over a year now, and his plans are finally coming together with a great team of designers who are all working very hard right now to bring Bill’s dream to reality before the show opens this weekend.

Join Bill behind the scenes with this look at the race to finish in time from his partner, Kris Kratt, AIFD.

Watch as Bill Schaffer talks about the Flower Show Experience:

Also not to be missed is the green roof demonstration by Philadelphia Green. A green roof will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus it helps to filter out toxins that would ordinarily run off into our streams and pollute our waterways. Plus, a green roof creates excellent habitat for butterflies and other wildlife.

[Update: the judging is finished, and Schaffer Designs has been awarded Best in Show, the Emile S. Geschick Memorial Award, and the Society of American Florists Award for his floral interpretation of the movie An American in Paris. Make some time to visit this spectacular show.]

  1. Debra says

    I’m so glad this amazing national treasure resides in my home town — make that ‘treasures’ — BIll Shaffer AND the Phila. Flower show! Can’t wait to see this year’s show.

  2. Michele says

    I always take lots of photos and make a DVD for my friends who can’t make it. Last years’s was just full of color…there was a great display from one of the local universities…got my tickets & will be going next Saturday…can’t wait…

  3. Noelle says

    Hi Carole,

    I was just in Philadelphia this past October. Such a beautiful city to visit. I would love to attend the show, but sadly, will not be able to get out there 😉


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