Beautiful Madison, Wisconsin

Not only is it the city of my birth, it is now home to my daughter and her husband. Our family helped them move this weekend from Moorhead, MN.

It is a beautiful city surrounded by lakes. I am looking forward to many gardening and birding opportunities during future visits.

If you live in the area, tell us about the gardening or birding adventures around Madison that you enjoy. I’d imagine there is a lot to see.

If you live nearby or are planning a visit, check out these attractions:

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is an adventure for all ages. Explore the rainforest year-round, stroll the flower gardens and browse the gift shop.

The University Arboretum is an extension of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is used by students and researchers focusing on ecological restoration. Thousands of people visit each year to enjoy its seasonal beauty.

The Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Square is a tradition in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll find the season’s best bounty of vegetables, flowers, and specialty products from approximately 300 vendors throughout the year. About 150 vendors attend every Saturday. Attendee numbers range from 15K to 25K!

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