Beautiful, Bearded Iris

I recently took a trip to Missouri and in many of the areas I visited, I was greeted by the sight of beautiful bearded iris in full bloom.

From large areas filled with blooms to single iris flowers, I just fell in love with this plant.

Iris can be grown in many areas, including the desert, where I live.

Iris bloom in spring and aren’t difficult to grow.

So are you tempted, like me. to grow iris in your garden?

Just imagine how beautiful they would look in your front garden…

To learn how to select and grow Bearded Iris, visit the American Iris Society.

  1. Deborah says

    Hi Noelle,
    I visited the American Iris Society site and found it most helpful. A complete source for care. Though nothing mentioned
    about possible problems with borers or insects that may attack this iris.

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