April: Preparing Your Garden

5 tasks to do this month to prepare your yard and/or vegetable garden

  1. Prepare the soil for your vegetables by working in composted manure or your own completed compost.
  2. Stake peonies and other large perennials. They are much easier to work with before they get too big.
  3. Plan your early, cool-weather vegetables like radishes, onion, beets and leaf lettuce.  In the northern Midwest we have to wait a few more weeks to sow outdoors. If you’re in the southern Midwest, you may be able to put them in the ground now.
  4. Plant fall-blooming bulbs and any other bulbs you purchased during the winter and early spring.
  5. Keep watering and checking any seedlings you started indoors.

While you’re doing all this, you’ll surely enjoy the spring flowers and bulbs that are either emerging or already blooming. Have fun!

  1. Sandy says

    Got the pumpkin patch and the garden tilled! Plants started inside, starting more. Will wait a while to put seeds in between wet paper towels and in a big baggie, to see what sprouts and what doesn’t! Best way to start pumpkins and melons! I have all the flowerbeds raked and ready to transplant flower’s I have started inside, but will wait until the middle of May to plant outside! Could plant my Dalhia’s soon I guess, but I usually wait til May 1st for that! They are still talking more snow in our are. Southwest WI!

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