Achieving Balance with the Perfect Palette

Vibrant colors, novel neutrals and dynamic brights — nothing catches the eye like the beautiful variations of color that spring and summer planting has to offer. One of my favorite reference points for eye-catching colors is the annual Pantone® palette.

Each year, Pantone predicts the year’s hottest colors for interior design, home décor and fashion. It’s no surprise that many of the colors invoke a floral, spirit-like, “Lemon Zest,” “African Violet” and, of course, several shades of green. Lucky for us, all of these shades are available for us gardeners to incorporate into our outdoor décor in the garden. From fashion to flowers, color is the staple that brings it all together. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re an experienced gardener looking to freshen up your landscape or a newbie in need of inspiration, there is no better time than now to “shop” for the latest on-trend color schemes that will command attention from your neighbors and set the tone for your flower beds this spring and summer. You can be sure to find a combination that will bring happiness and excitement to your yard.

So how do you incorporate this year’s color trends into your garden? Here are some ideas, based on Pantone predictions, to get you started:

African Violet and Lemon Zest —try using light purples as the neutral of your palette this spring. Plum, lavender, gray and violet shades of purple offered by cool-season pansies can give your outdoor space a sophisticated feel. Yellow is purple’s natural companion, so adding a touch of this bright, cheerful color makes for the perfect complement in the garden.

Tender Shoots, Grayed Jade and Emerald — This classic combination of greens makes a beautiful backdrop for vibrant-colored blooms. There is no shortage of options for incorporating these invigorating, active and radiant greens into your landscape or containers. Unique, textured grasses paired with colorful, Cool Wave pansies can punch up your front porch containers this spring.

Poppy Red and Nectarine — Nothing evokes the warmth and heat of summer like fiery hot red hues! Pair them with a citrusy and refreshing shade of orange, and your backyard will feel like a tropical escape. Try combining Wave petunias with zinnias and celosia in these trendy tones for the perfect warm-season color palette.

Dusk Blue, Linen and Monaco Blue — Light and dark blues paired with basic linen hues are the ideal combination if you’re garden is used as a place of serenity and calm. Many warm-season varieties of petunias, lobelia and vinca offer shades of denim, blue or dark purple, offering a harmonious balance for your backyard.

According to Pantone, this season’s color palette emphasizes the need for balance while at the same time allowing for individuality, self-expression and excitement. It’s about selecting the color combination that’s right for you to achieve the theme and ambiance you’re striving for in the garden.

Which theme of colors strikes your mood for this year?

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