A Winter Windowsill Garden

A couple of months ago, I decided to plant a windowsill garden in order to bring the outdoors inside during the winter months.  I was inspired by the book, “The Unexpected Houseplant” by Tovah Martin.

I blogged about it when I first planted it and I promised you that I would keep you updated on the progress of my plants and how well they did over time.

To my existing windowsill plants, I added parsley and thyme, which are herbs that are said to do well indoors.

For winter color, I added a geranium planted in a re-used coffee can.

I love succulents, so I also included a Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.

After 1 month, my windowsill garden looked like this…

My herbs had really taken off.  I harvested thyme for our Thanksgiving meal.

The parsley was doing just as well as the thyme.

The geranium plant was still flowering and my Kalanchoe was also growing well.


Now one month later, in December, during the shortest days of the year, the windowsill garden is doing well.

 Of course, there are a few things to keep an eye on…

My geranium is still flowering and has quite a few buds.  The stems are growing longer to reach the sun.  The yellowing leaves indicate that they need nitrogen, so I will give them a shot of a liquid all-purpose fertilizer.

The Kalanchoe has new leaves forming, so that is a sign that it is doing well.  It has begun leaning toward the sunlight, so I turned it 180 degrees to help it to grow more upright.  You might be able to see a little white on the soil.  That is a sign of salt build-up.  Deep watering will help flush out the salts.

Both the parsley and thyme are doing great.  I have already had to prune back the parsley once.

So, I am happy with how my windowsill garden is doing.  I promise to keep you updated on how it fares through the winter.

 For more indoor gardening ideas, check out the article “Burying the Winter Blues” for more great ideas.

  1. Julie Appleby says

    I love growing things winter or summer, I sure am going to try all of these, I now have basil and oregano on my window sill, but these are so pretty will look forward to trying more……..thanks for all these great ideas

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