A Well-Watched Nest

One of my favorite things to do is to visit our local riparian preserve.  I love seeing so many different bird species in one place.

On my last visit, I encountered a Curved Bill Thrasher who had made a nest in the arm of a Saguaro cactus.

Curved Bill Thrasher in Saguaro

This particular Thrasher was very interested in what my husband was doing (he was taking pictures).

Curved Bill Thrasher in Saguaro

I am sure it was trying to figure out if its nest was in any danger.  The funny thing is that it was so focused on what my husband was doing, that I was able to approach from behind and get a photo of its nest.

Curved Bill Thrasher Nest

Curved Bill Thrashers (Toxostoma curvirostre) are found in the Southwestern United States and throughout most of Mexico.  They build messy nests in shrubs and cactus.  They line their nests with feathers, grass and hair.

They are primarily ground feeders preferring insects and snails.  In the fall, they like to feed upon berries and fruit, although I sometimes find them enjoying the birdseed from my feeder :-)


    • Noelle says

      Hi Jan,

      Oh, I wish that I had a saguaro in my garden. I can only imagine what birds I would have nesting. How wonderful for you to have been witness to two sets of thrashers :-)

    • Noelle says

      Hello Priya,

      You would think that it would hurt, but I have seen so many different birds make their homes in cacti. Their feet are very tough :-)

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