A New Kind of Field Guide

This is a sample page from Crossley's new field guide.

At Birds & Blooms, we get lots of birding and gardening books. We don’t typically put book reviews into the magazine, so now we’re happy to have a new outlet to share interesting books that come our way. This new field guide, The Crossley ID Guide, is unlike any field guide I’ve ever seen before. Richard Crossley, a native of Britain who now lives in Cape May, New Jersey, put together this unique book with Princeton Press. In it, you see real photos of eastern birds and lots of them! Using a photo editing technique, they combined several different photos of a specific bird. So a northern mockingbird, for instance, might be shown flying, perched, with its back turned, etc.

This is impressive as far as field guides go. Now you’ll have an even better chance at identifying the birds in your backyard because you’ll have something concrete to compare it to. While Crossley’s book is only available for eastern birds right now, he will be expanding.

And look for Richard Crossley in an upcoming issue of Birds & Blooms. He will be writing a feature for us and offering up his advice on birding techniques.



  1. says

    I see those birds so much, I always thought they were sparrows!
    I enjoy your articles, learn so much about gardening ideas, birds,
    just so much!! Enjoy all the pictures from all over… thank you!

    Huntington, Indiana

  2. Jeanne Louviere says

    I own this book and love it. Yes, the photos are Photoshopped, but there is a reason. The various shots are meant for comparison/identification from different viewpoints. In other words, he is providing the reader assistance in identifying a bird whether you see it from a distance, closeup, standing, flying, in breeding plumage, juvenile appearance as opposed to adult, etc. And I hope I explained that as the author would intend.

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