A Children’s Garden In An Unusual Place

Many of us have experienced the joy of gardening with our kids.  I remember gardening with my dad when he built me my own raised planter.  He allowed me to plant whatever I wanted in my own space. I usually planted a mixture of flowers and vegetables.  I have such great memories of spending time in the garden with my dad.

Well a couple of years ago, I decided to do the same with my kids.  You will NEVER guess what they planted their plants in.  But, first things first.  We had to go buy potting soil and plants.

Choosing plants at the nursery

Each child was allowed to pick out 2 six-packs of plants.

Choosing petunias.

The kids selected Geraniums, Stock, Petunias, Dianthus, Alyssum and Snapdragons.  Now that we had our plants and potting soil, we were ready to plant.

When we got home, the kids asked where we were going to plant their new flowers.  Well, how about their old kiddie pool?  You know those blue plastic pools that your kids use in the summer?  Well, instead of throwing it away at the end of summer, how about saving it for use as a planter?

First – place your pool where you want it to be in the garden before adding soil because it will be too heavy to move later.

Second – Make holes in the bottom for drainage.

Third – Add soil.  We added a mixture of potting soil and bagged compost.

Then start planting!

The kids had a great time deciding where to plant their flowers.  When we finally finished, we knew the garden would soon be full of many different colored flowers.  Of course, the garden had no sense of design, which is as it should be….it is a children’s garden after all.

Children's Pool Garden

We enjoyed months of beautiful flowers.  The kids were in charge of watering their garden and took great delight in seeing each new flower form.

**Pool gardens can also become permanent fixtures in the garden.  You can plant shrubs around the outside of the pool or add a brick border all around. You can also plant lettuce and herbs instead of flowering plants.

So what are you waiting for?  Go dig out that old plastic pool and start planting :-)

  1. Hagenmary says

    I did this YEARS ago when my kids where little…the neighbors thought I was crazy (so did my husband!) But I basically made a “free” raised bed garden and put a small, cheap,plastic bidbath in the middle. It looked gorgeous when it was all grown in and the birds loved it too. Crazy like a fox, that’s me !

    • Noelle says


      I am so glad that you have done this also. I can just imagine how beautiful it looked. Hopefully more people will look at what they already have and transform them into containers for plants :-)


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