A bird blowing bubbles!!

When I was enlarging photos of the Pine Siskins for my post here earlier this week I was surprised to see the bubbles in front of this bird’s bill. This is not ‘Photoshopped’ or manipulated in any way, this is what I photographed but needed enlarging to see.

This Pine Siskin was drinking water from a large puddle when I photographed it. It must have exhaled a little air when it had it’s bill in the water to cause these bubbles to form. And I caught it at just the right moment as it lifted it’s bill up and the bubbles followed.

I couldn’t find anything on the internet about bird’s blowing bubbles but some dolphins and whales have been documented blowing bubbles not only in aquariums but in the wild. In fact, they appear to blow bubbles intentionally.

Isn’t nature fun? There is always something new and different to see!

  1. says

    I think it may be just a droplet of water dripping after the bird took the drink. I have many photos of birds drinking from myin my birdbath showing a similar scenario:)

    • Sharon Alexander says

      I agree with you. Its just a droplet of water from the bird drinking or bathing. Birds arent the neatest when they drink or bath. It doesnt even look like a bubble to me.

  2. Tammy Aaron says

    I think I see the droplet they speak of its tiny and next to beak.I also see something a lot larger away from the beak it appears to be a bubble to me, it also favors an orb

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