Birding Hotspots of a Lifetime

Planning a birding trip? See our recommendations for six birding hotspots around the world that everyone should see.

I need to start with a disclaimer. It’s nearly impossible to pick only six places in the whole world to go birding. And it might be even harder to recommend just one tour company for each place. Birding tourism is really booming. Dozens of companies seem to be popping up, promising you the best vacation of your life, full of jaw-dropping birds.

While I’ve been to only one of these birding hotspots myself (I adore Alaska), I really pulled out all the stops for this story, talking to bird experts and friends from around the country. After much research, I present you with these six great places to go, along with six great companies that can get you there.

If you’re planning a birding adventure, I strongly encourage you to contact some of these companies and see how they might be able to help. Selecting a company to go birding with is much like picking out a new pair of shoes. You can’t go by looks alone; you really have to try them on. I mean, you’re probably looking at spending thousands of dollars for one of these trips. So contact these companies and try them on for size—ask them questions, get their advice, talk to them about what areas you want to visit. Chances are, you’ll figure out the right fit and will soon be on your way to the trip of a lifetime.


There’s some superb birding just over the border. Like Alaska, Canada is rich in untouched wilderness areas, each with its own wildlife. Love owls? You can find a tour devoted just to these special birds. How about a trip specializing in whales and birds, or polar bears and birds? Yep, you can find those, too.

One of the highlights is the Canadian tundra above the Arctic Circle, where you’ll find far northern birds like the yellow-billed loon, the king eider (above) and a wide range of northern owls.

CHECK OUT: Eagle-Eye Tours is a bit smaller than other companies but has exceptional offerings and leaders. Based in Canada, it offers trips all across the country, as well as to Greenland, New Zealand and more. Take a look at the Eagle-Eye Tours website to get a feel for the company and its personalized approach to bird travel.

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    Most wonderful city forever these birding hotspots myself I really pulled out all the stops for this story, talking to bird experts and friends from around the land .

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