Bird Nesting

Have you spotted a nesting bird in your yard? Our birding pros share their expertise on attracting birds and encouraging bird nesting in the backyard and beyond.

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds: Willow ptarmigan in winter

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds

Many camouflaged birds blend in with the background for their own survival—but you can spot them with the birding basics of how and where to look.

Birding Basics: The indigo bunting is one of the most gorgeous summer birds in the East.

Birding Basics to Indigo Buntings

The indigo bunting is one of the most gorgeous summer birds in the East. Learn the birding basics of how to welcome these popular fliers to your area.

BORN IN A BARN Barn swallows (pictured here) are the most abundant swallows in the world. These songbirds used to nest in caves, but now build their nests in the eaves of barns and other structures.

Swallows: The Songbirds of the Sky

Swallows spend much of their time in the wild blue yonder. Learn the birding basics of where to spot these colorful songbirds when they come down to earth.

Identifying sparrows: Look for the eye line to ID chipping sparrows. This one is pictured with Texas lupines.

Identifying Chipping Sparrows

Bring this cheery summer visitor into your backyard with our top tips for identifying and attracting chipping sparrows.

How to Attract Bluebirds

How to Attract Bluebirds

Wondering how to attract bluebirds to your backyard? We’ll show you how with these tips and tricks from our experts.

How to Attract Orioles

How to Attract Orioles

The early bird gets the worm when it comes to attracting orioles to your backyard. Find out more about the oriole family and how to bring them to your yard.

Hummingbird nests are often lined with soft plant fibers, and hummingbird eggs are like jellybeans.

Hummingbird Nest Facts

Attracting hummingbirds is even more fun when you find a hummingbird nest. Learn where to look and how to help.