Plate and Knife Homemade Bird Feeder

This homemade bird feeder project uses recycled silverware and a plate to create a one-of-a-kind feeder!

Recycle some silverware and a plate into a fun and functional homemade bird feeder. Keep your feeder simple, or personalize it by adding extra swirls, beads or any other decorations that strike your fancy.


  • Plate
  • 3 butter knives, table knives or other dull-bladed knives
  • Wire
  • Beads
  • Drill with masonry bit

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Drill 3 holes, evenly spaced in a triangle, in the plate. Be careful not to crack the plate.

Step 2

Make eyehooks for the holes. Using about 6 in. of 16-gauge wire (a coat hanger also works), make a loop at 1 end of the wire, put the wire through one hole and make another loop to hold in place. Repeat for the other holes.

Step 3

Make a swirl on one end of a piece of 14-gauge wire, about 30 in. long. Working from the same end, wrap wire around the knife, starting at the tip and placing a colorful bead every couple of twists until you reach the end of the handle. Repeat with more wire and the 2 other knives.

Step 4

Using more 14-gauge wire, connect the knives to the plate. Then bring them together and connect at the top, and your feeder is ready to hang!

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